Buyer Resources

What type of home should you buy?  What location will be the best for my needs and family? How are the schools rated?  These are just a few of the questions new homeowners are looking to answer.  The first place to start is with a list.  Jot down all of the items that matter to you in a home and area and set your budget.

There will be many additions and deletions from your list as you get closer to making your decision but having one is very important.  A list keeps you on track to look for those items that are important to you.  Most new buyers think they will fall in love with the first house they see, but realistically a buyer will see at least 15 homes before picking the one that best suits them.  Having that list comes in handy!

The Home Buying Process

The home buying process can seem exhaustive, from the smallest home to the largest, the process is basically the same.

1. Get pre-qualified: The loan qualification letter shows agents and home sellers that you are serious about your buying experience.

2. Let us help you search for your home: There are many home search engines that can help you narrow down your choices, but seeing a home up front and personal is the only way to truly know if its for you! We can helpyou explore the  many communities we sell real estate in.

3.  Prepare the offer:  We will ensure you have all of the tools to make an informed decision on your home purchase.  A comparative market analysis will assist you in preparing your offer.

4.  Get your loan application processed.

5.  Have a Property Inspection performed.

6.  Have the property appraised and surveyed.

7.  Let’s close!